I'm (Not) There

"I'm (Not) There"
Performance, 2008
Show "Qui La Parola è Arte", Libreria Quarticciolo, Roma, Italy - curated by Sedici Curatori, IED Roma.

This performance took place in a library built in a disadvantaged area near Rome. The idea behind the show was to encourage the young people of the area to visit the library more often.

Towards the end of 2008 I started an attempt to transpose the character Oscar to a contemporary context. His dreamy and volatile nature immediately delegated the 'new' Oscar to the role of eternal adolescent.

For this project, I imagined what it would be like to take his bedroom and place it inside the library. I wanted to create an intimate environment where visitors could spend time, talk, read or just daydream.

Oscar's bedroom is small, and yet, it is endless: it spreads everywhere and anywhere. Past and future intertwine in a present which, only there, can be perceived as real - precisely because it is imagined.

The performance turned out to be more interesting than expected when a group of kids from the neighborhood walked in and decided to spend time with Oscar Scar, telling him about their lives.