video, PAL, colour, 5′ 38”, 2006

This video started with a photographic installation I made in the attic room at my parent’s house, a place where I spent most of my childhood. There, I mixed photos of my childhood with images from the life of Arthur Rimbaud, one of my role – models as a kid. I wanted his life to merge with mine as it used to do when I imagined to be him while pretend playing.
There are places known as a child which keep reappearing in one’s mind forever, almost as if they were magical places, where time has stopped. I tried to go back to those places, but only mentally, never leaving the attic room. For it is in this way that I could go on adventures when I was a child, removed from my body.
The video shows my attempt to identify with Rimbaud, not as much with the famous poet, but with an other, my other.
As if sitting in a toy time machine, I become the armchair traveller who travels through time, and space without actually ever going anywhere.



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