“The Primal Shelter Is Site For Primal Fears” at THE LIVING ART MUSEUM, REYKJAVIK.



THE LIVING ART MUSEUM of Reykjavik will present my short film KUO’S EYES as part of the group exhibition THE PRIMAL SHELTER IS SITE FOR PRIMAL FEARS, curated by Patrik Aarnivaara (SE) and Maija Rudovska (LV).

This exhibition looks at the subject of fear and horror in relation to spatiality and architecture. The house in particular and architecture in general as an object and possible stage for horror, a place for imagination, action, a cause for psychological triggers, a primal shelter or future ruin, a safe place yet unsafe at the same time, which can possibly turn into a cage, a prison, and a dead fall.

Inspired by Eugene Thacker, JG Ballard and other writers that give us ways to imagine the separation between us and the world, that which is never completely graspable, the “world-in-itself” and the “world-without-us”.

Playing with the idea of architecture as an entity in itself, in a contemporary space or future landscape inhabitable for, or devoid of humans, as if architecture has consumed or outlived its inhabitants.

The project evolved from an interest in horror films as a genre where certain aesthetics and fear are often constructed by means of architecture. Research was conducted on the topic during a collaborative residency at HIAP in Helsinki a few years ago, initially with the titleScenography of Horror .

Images, texts and videos were collected and presented in a joint lecture in Helsinki a year later. The material and conclusions are the foundation for this exhibition project, The Primal Shelter is the Site for Primal Fears, taking place at The Living Art Museum in Reykjavik.

Darren Banks (UK), O.B. De Alessi (IT/FR), Shirin Sabahi (IR/DE), Alexandra Zuckerman (IL), Johan Österholm (SE), Christian Andersson (SE), Elin Hansdottir (IS), Yuki Higashino (JP/AT) and Barbara Sirieix (FR).

A presentation and launch of the photo editionPoundbury by Yuki Higashino will take place during the opening event.

The exhibition is also accompanied by excerpts from the book 24 ter rue de la pierre feuillèrewritten by Barbara Sirieix.

The Primal Shelter if the Site for Primal Fears is supported by Icelandic Visual Arts Fund, Iaspis, The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture, Berlin Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs, The Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation and Federal Chancellery of Austria.



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