Performance / Video Installation
first presented at Oblong Gallery, London, 2011

White Moon – Scene 1
HD video, DVD, 16:9, PAL, SOUND: STEREO
6′ 10”


White Moon – Scene 5
HD video, DVD, 16:9, PAL, SOUND: STEREO
9′ 45″


White Moon – Coming Soon 

Live performance footage


‘White Moon’ is a yet-to-be-released horror film. Woman, the main character, becomes the femme fatale Salome and the femme fragile Ophelia as she struggles to cope with loss of control and frustrated desire. ‘White Moon’ is surrounded by mystery as the director has never been identified and only two scenes of the original script remain. Nobody knows how the film was intended to begin or to end.

The two scenes of the fictional film ‘White Moon’ explore two stereotypes of femininity that came in use predominantly at the end of the 19th century, a period which gave space to fantasy, magic and the study of the occult on one hand, and to psychoanalysis on the other.

In this scenario, the female figure in literature and art seemed to be noticeably removed from reality: she appeared above all as the embodiment of male projection of desire and fear. In this context, two main categories could be observed: the femme fatale and the femme fragile: the men murdering Judith/Salome on the one hand and the delicate child-woman Ophelia on the other hand. These two female types, despite looking so different from each other, sprang from the same source, namely male.

The gender of the director of the film is not disclosed and is therefore more probably a man, since the ‘Woman’ is, as the main character, the object of desire, the projection of the director’s fantasy.

The stereotypes are here used as part of a wider narrative and are therefore transgressed: the character Woman is only temporarily stuck in one or the other stereotype, and the idea that the end and the beginning of the film are unknown suggests that she has, or will, embody other figures.



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