Installation, 2010. First presented at Casa Orioles Arte Contemporanea, Palermo in 2010

Extract from article written by Agata Polizzi for Giornale di Sicilia (02/04/2010)

“With this work, De Alessi created a ‘legend’ set up to answer one single question: what do two identical mirrors reflect, if they are placed one in front of the other at a short distance from one another? (…) The solution at a logistic level would be even too simple, almost banal. But everything changes if the problem shifts to a symbolic level and the mirrors become objects of cult. The spectators, after an initial moment of misplacement, become progressively entangled into a surreal atmosphere. Instinctively, they are drawn to re-read the narrative thread that forms the installation, and they try on one hand to locate the story in terms of time and space, and, on the other hand, to find their own answer to the ‘Double Doubt’. The spectators are then pushed to interrogate themselves and find possible solutions. The double mirror is there, it exists, and it is the object around which the work is built. The object which, almost hidden, lets out all possible intrinsic sensations. The object makes sense only if taken in the context of the installation, it acquires a special meaning only if accompanied by the texts and the images that create the overall installation.”


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