Online project, 2008-10


As Oscar (known later in life as Oscar Scar), an alter ego I created and worked with/as for several years, I have explored the various possibilities of performing one’s identity, or various identities, online through the use of blogs, avatars and chats. To take the idea of fiction to an extreme and, at the same time, to further explore the use of cultural references, I have been rewriting Goethe’s “ The Sorrows of Young Werther” (18…)using the typical internet slang, and have proposed it as Oscar Scar’s own reports of his everyday experiences on his blog. I also played with Oscar Scar’s gender and sexual identity by turning the female character Werther is in love with in Goethe’s novel into a male.
Since a blog is, fundamentally, an online diary in which anybody can participate with comments, the plot of novel could be given, according to said participation, a different development.
In doing this, I am especially interested in the possibilities inherent to the re – interpretation of a classical novel in the fragmented, non – linear world of the internet.
This blog accompanied Oscar Scar on a two-year journey through his adolescence and up to his symbolic death, which happened online on December the 23rd 2010.

– O.B. De Alessi


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