“The Birthday State”
Performance held at Teatro Juan BarnabèLebrija, Spain, 2015

Text by O.B. De Alessi, Yang Yang, Shih-Ling Huang, Antoinette Barboutis
Directed by O.B. De Alessi, Yang Yang, Ying Ping Yu
Performed by O.B. De Alessi, Maica Sanchez, Juande De Dios Doblado, Estefanía Ruiz, Mari Carmen Piñero, Angélica Gómez, Manuel Gandullo, Amalia Palazón
Set Design by Shih-Ling Huang
Costumes by Yang Yang

THE BIRTHDAY STATE tells through loosely related scenes the story of how Jackie, a lonely teenager, finds her own version of happiness on the day of her eighteenth birthday.



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